Pursuit of Happiness

I am in the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine is not always  gold.. Tried of people telling me to slow my roll. My dreams will become a reality, tired of these nightmare. That why i try to stay awake 90% of the day so i can work on them. I know I will be good when I get it and everything will be good once i get it.
Please don’t Judge me that all i ask of you people. I am going to get it and remember i told ya all it will happen. I Never change only thing change is my phone #.  Love all my friends and family that believe in me ..
That why i have to make the other people believe me so as Jason ‘Killin It’ Rigg say #Make em Believe. and Two Smiley say I Go for mine.  Thanks to everyone that is on team Nickelane Delano Sinclair, Alexander NazJulissa Sookram and the rest of the team can name all you guys

~ by skateboyj on 12/12/2009.

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