Dem days

Remember dem day mi a youth in New Amsterdam ridin mi bike sell dem syck-ah-moh cds …# 1 supplier for the new shit…been all bout the paper since birth. Now i am a young man only 21 why would i stop hustle it is in my blood and hopefully my son blood. Dad was and still a hustle mom always a hustle got so many degrees. So now it time to everyone respect me and my teams we be putting that work in when ya nicckas playing damn we came from a far way since i was 11 my padna Kevin always had my like a lil bro so now it time for us to Get to this money like dow jones… You run Syck-ah-Moh Records and i run Nickelane  damn people we going eat like some sharks in 2010.. Just can’t wait to touch down in gt people Easter head gone…

When i get mad i fail at something i remember why i do it cause me and all my family and my close friends got to make it and stop doing the regular 9-5. Grinding so hard now that i am going to  thank al the people in the  future that held me down

just do it


~ by skateboyj on 11/16/2009.

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