In my mind

Now it come near to the end of the semester and i only have four more weeks of school .. Winter Break i am so ready to relax. I deciding if to go Atlanta, New York, Denver or Santa Monica. I want to snowboard this year so i don’t know what i am goin to do any suggestion people. But yea i got 80 on my English test, did bad on sociology paper i need to make that up… Plus yea i am working on a few new designs for Nickelane i know everyone is patiently waiting but it will be worth it when u see my end product. thanks for all the support from everyone that on Team Nickelane and The Marketers.

I am ready to go Miami this weekend to relax , get in the studio record my first track for the fun. Plus enjoy the free liquor. Ha kiddin i am cutting back from the liquor thing. really try to see how my first track is going to be since i have my homie JRiggs on the beats. Killin it Music. So I Make em Believe we the future.



~ by skateboyj on 11/05/2009.

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