I am really piss getting tired of all these lame ass people around me that want to be on the team and they aint bring anything to the table but telling me how to run my business and my life. Ya i really getting tired of them lames. I just want my space and my sanity back. I blow paper yea i could made a better decision on how to build my empire but you aint got nothing in your realm that make you better than me. I am going in every time i do something. Fake it till you make it. I just do me and i will make it .. I have nothing to prove you people.  they all want to talk about what Jay doing with his life, why dont they worry who they wife, or girlfriend with when they at work.  I was born to be great and i will be greater than you expect. Bang bang catch up.



~ by skateboyj on 10/27/2009.

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