lost in transition

Well lately i was really busy work and the grind to find a printer and tags should be coming in the first week in September and i get the ball roll and no more talking . I am in that Drizzy mood paper time. Cause when the money goes so go the shawty…

I am ready for school next week. Cant wait to get college life over cause it is crazy but i love it at times.. Miss the Atl and Nike Atl too shout out to Verne, Cal, Chris W, Devin and all my other cool people… oh i hate to tell yall to look out for Sneaker Boy Clothing they about to take over the atl. Plus the creative mind of  Sneaker Boys we going to get the colabs tee done  u know .. Sneaker Boys in here 09….

But yea i be back at this ish hopefully more and thanks for the supports i been getting a like 70 to 100 hits daily .. I will not disappoint ya… ‘

Oh and all my peeps asking how is my son doing he is aweson he getting bigger and bigger..IMGP0843

I am back … no more lost in transition. I am going to stop messing up the rotation… Lol …


~ by skateboyj on 08/19/2009.

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