Well life is so amazing i move back to orlando and i am back at Nike in a couple days so i love life . But it seem to me how hard you try to please the ones you love it can happen so i just do what i can to be me cause that all i can be is SBJ  or Jarrrod. so i will lcontinue to do me and i wish people can understand that if i change they will hate who i become when i change and that be not pretty but i stay humble and honest to me and my son to teach him how to be a better man than his dad.

I am ready to for what ever life has to offer me and i do the best i can. Cause life is a bitch and i reeally want to wife her . hahah ..they call me a hypebeast sometimes but you know what I am a fuck hypebeast, a jerk , ego freak and conceit so if u hate all that about me why you fucker still try to be around me the bad guy… I love the pain that all i have and my happiness dies slow, But i am so blessed to be here and i will continue to do me and work as hard as i can.

Love college i realize it time to get hard to work cause i watch Pharell work ethics and he does not play and he follow through with what every he does and i realize i need to stop slacking off and get my grind and the hustle right … I promise the clothing line be here for christmas and i will get it done.

Plus the mixtape will be ready for xmas before i leave for Guyana. it is the begin of the empire… Featuring  alot of my niccka Ega, Tanner, D, Rico and yea muthafucker me . Mr jump off the balcony …. ahaha and yea if u  was in Atlanta with me over the last couple months u know what i talking but….

Love, Peace and just be yourself people dont be who yyu not casue in the end of the day you hurt yourself and you still not impress those who you try so hard to impress cause the laugh at you when you not around…..



~ by skateboyj on 07/14/2009.

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