Well yesterday i went to drop my mom back in Miami cause she left back for Guyana it was a blast to have you hear for a month mom … I am still a mom’s boy and if u dont like it well that you … I have a great time wit my son and wifey, until they had to leave too .. So i am stuck in Atl again lonely.

Coming back to the Atl i got stop twice . One for doing 90-65. and the second time cause the truckers call the police tell them i was sleeping … idk …. But yea make it home say cause i have angels looking out for me and i am bless. Plus i hate how old shit from the pass, people dewl on it damn yea i made mistake but that not going to dictate my future so it is on them to make choices and i just try to  change in what ever way i can.

Happy moment now my Lakers beat the Magics so now i am kinda of feeling better but miss my mom and son so much … Ready to move to FL  just here patiently waiting on Nike to call next week and i will pack my luck butt back to Orlando and i am at it again 40 hrs and just work …

Family it is amazing there are always around i love my entire family …




~ by skateboyj on 06/12/2009.

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