Inspiration +Motivation= ME


Everyday we go to the blog sites and we expect to see something new, something informative, something inspirational or something that we just haven’t see before. By doing this we kinda get caught up in the fact that all new stuff is good stuff. This is not true at all…

I love the fact that everyone is blogging these days, I hate the fact that everyone is posting the same things these days. Are all our lives really based around celeb drama? I have to stop going to most of the blogs I use to frequent because everyone only has time to post the same gossip as everyone else on their blogroll. This is one of the reasons I took time away from my blog for awhile. I am on the internet for more then just that gossip stuff. The internet is like the new tabloids… So with all that its really hard for me to find sights I can continue to go to and know they are going to have something that is actually inspiring for me to read.

Speaking of inspiration I am often asked what inspires me. I look at so much everyday that its hard for me to actually answer something like that. The best way for me to reply would give them my blog site or tell them to subscribe to my rss feed. This way they can see exactly what my thoughts are on certain things and hopefully something I post will inspire them every so often. I promise you I am not inspired by Gucci Mane so if you are looking for updates on him or anything along those lines This is not the blog for you.


~ by skateboyj on 03/29/2009.

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