Thoughts at 6am

Today was a so so day , I was in the gym for 6 hrs  doing some arms and cardio and then i play basketball for 4 hours I am suppose to be gaining weight with all the food i be eating but it seems like i lost weight cause last week i was 150 and now after hooping i and 147. Gosh this suck … I want to be fat and sloppy but that not going to happen . hahahha … Me and my team won 7 – 12 but that kool cause we blow some of the teams out .

I had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite persons lastnite and it was a blast she had me laughing so much it hurts. oh and i official love Geisha House in Atlantic Station and California rap is my fav. sushi .. she is going to teach me how to make sushi she is a good friend and it cool kicking it with her .

Oh this weekend i cut the afro off and shave the facial hair back to the baby face.



~ by skateboyj on 03/24/2009.

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