Well these past couple days been good,  I got my business license and more designs for NickeLane and i  am working on collaboration with some very important people. Can wait  for that photoshoots in June with the team and the models it going to be crazy can wait to get that done . Me and my mom sat down it was a great conversation but sometime it kinda hard when people have one dream for you and you have a different ones but i understand and we meet a common ground.

But now i have business and only business on my mind no time for games . I work hard , play hard so it alot of work now cause this have to hit the ground and take off.. It good to have a few good people in my corner that are support and depend on.

I was kinda upset hearing that Nike Sb might be getting rid of the fat tongues, plus i got tired of hear everyone talk about swag dis, swag team so now i was like damn everyone got swag. But it got me thinking What is Swag and how can you define swag . so viewers if ya get a chance tell me what is swag.

I am really feel so motivate these past couple day, and i am try to motivate everyone around me too.


~ by skateboyj on 03/22/2009.

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