I feel bad cause all i did this past week was drink my pain away and i know that alcoholic can do to some one but that the way i release the pain i wrote a poem after a long time and some other ish. Plus i taught of some creative ideas for NickeLane when i was drink , plus I realize she don’t need me she wants me…. I love her but i cant really give her what she wants. I don’t need no one else but it really hard to make a discussion when u lost in your taught. I don’t want to be with out you at the right moment and i know u am taking too long to figure it out. sorry for the mystery .

this is just some thing i wrote today

When i am all alone i think about your smile,

I really miss you…

I am aware it been months since we seen each other,

But I am so far away and all i want to do is just touch you,

I guess I be coming back to Sooner than Later ,

Yes i be there ,

If  I don’t It only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down on me ,

Baby you are my everything you all i ever wanted,

And you had my back since i can remember,

Even when your family say you don’t need me,

Its okay everything be  good soon,

But I am so near but yet I am still far away

So any thing we do from today will be brand new

Cause I give you love that you can live with out

That just a lil watever you want to call it but it from the heart and i only can be real with myself and express my self how i feel at times so if u don’t like  it …. Plus i am currently jammin to that Big Sean,Tyga and Mike Posner

Mike Posner feat. Shawn Chrystopher & Big Sean – Who Knows (Remix)‏


~ by skateboyj on 03/13/2009.

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