Honey of the week- Kendace J


World it is that time of the week when i introduce a next diamond that i know to the world and it good to see this diamond is not only a model but a Actress so i can wait to see her in movies and screen plays. But here is Kandace she is a smoking hottie out of Orlando. This is one of the reasons i miss Fl for all the beautiful women that reside in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Eustis and Altamonte Springs just a few places where these dimes are at…  So let get more money in 09 Kandace


Name: Kandace Janae
Measurements:Not Sure at this moment
Favorite sport:College Football
Favorite team: South Carolina Gamecocks and USC Trojans
What’s your sign? Sagittarius
How long have you been modeling? a good chunk of my life
Is this is a hobby or career? This is sort of a career. I am an Actress first and foremost but I do modeling for exposure.

What impact has modeling had on your personal life? Its great. I meet alot of people and I network alot so it helps my career in acting; plus I get to make new friends.
What do you intend to gain or get out of your career in modeling? I hope that modeling will lead me to my overall goal as an actress and the exposure I get will make me a star.
Tell me about yourself? I am 19 years old. I’ve lived in Florida for most of my life besides living in Atlanta and New York City. I hope to move to Los Angeles in two years.
How would you describe your overall personality? Im a pretty bubbly person. Im sweet,caring,funny, but im also a very determined person who will do it whatever it takes to get what she wants.

What would you consider your greatest strength? My Drive.
What would you consider your greatest physical asset? My skin because I never really have a problem with it. It’s always clear, soft, and I like the color of my skin.What signals do you give a man when you want him to approach you? I look at him, give him a sly smile and walk by. The guy will usually come up to me after that:)
What do you like to wear to bed? Anything that makes me feel cute but comfortable at the same time, like little shorts and a tank….but it really depends on the situation;)
Do you drink? hmmmm…every once in awhile
Do you have a fetish? I love clothes
Do you like kissing? If its with someone i truly care about, i just don’t go around kissing anybody.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? In hollywood, on a movie or a tv show.

Who do you want to work with in the future? I would love to work with Steven Spielberg, Jerry Buckheimer, Micheal Bay, Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard <-(Directors)Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Will Smith……the list goes on and on.
What are some of the projects you’re currently working on? Right now I’ve just been doing photo shoots and networking. In a couple months Im going to have a new agent hopefully and be acting more.
Name some things you couldn’t live without? My family, my dog, and love.
Is there any special person in your life? Yes…;)A very special person.
What is the one thing you wish all men knew about women? That it’s the little things and thoughts that count to us, not the big ones.
Regarding the person you date, name one quality they must possess and why? They must be nurturing. I like a guy who will want to take care of me and make me happy as i will do the same in return.
Do you get hit on a lot? Yes, sometimes it gets a little annoying…guys if i say no i really mean no.
What advice would you give to young women considering a career in modeling? I would say to bring your A game because anybody could model these days, you gotta have something special about you to really make it.
Overall, what has been your opinion of the modeling industry as a whole? It’s fun if you know the right people. It’s all about who you know, not what you know. Its a constant hustle so you have to always be on your toes and be prepared to fight.


~ by skateboyj on 02/25/2009.

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