Cant Sleep, so i vent

Well i been up for 38hrs now and it crazy i try everything to go to sleep but that aint work out so i guess i just do what i have to do today . Go shopping wit the lil brothers and then go to my cuz house and just beat him up in Nba 2k9 cause u know i run tha beat down on these cats ….. Come see me online at SkateboyJ12 if u dare too. Call of Duty i took a break off of that for a while patiently waiting for the Street Fighter game and the movie to come out … but beep to my procrasting self on sunday .

i listen to the Tyga- Free album now and it funny he drop off of school to have a career in rapping and i am happy for him finally getting his shine on.


But now i am getting my ish together so i can go get my bros and then i will sit back and kick it like Chung Li … Bitch i am on that ha yu ken look at tha niccka who he think he is that wat this chick ask me last nite at walmart cause i say i can’t talk to u cause your kicks fake … I dont know why people rock  it cause fake kicks are not kool i just have to educate them and show them. If u have fakes and u can’t afford the real one i will let u use my discount and so u can say u have one pair of official/real nike kicks. ahahah beeep beep lamers need help … But on a sidebar note i just cant just lean on some goose like now cause i aint had liquor in a while …. Purple drinks and dark liquor is my favorite so if u a dark liquor fan let just get and give them a lean and smile …

I am so not listen to wat people have to say cause they are so judgemental and the dont even know me like that myspace is so amazing just cause the way i talk and act, plus my pic i get to give u the impression that i am conceited .. .Well I am one just too cocky and very confident young man  so kiss my kicks if u dont like me and u can hit the delete buttom….

But my wat dont kill mejust make me into a Monster ahahah h… ya

Well there a few things i dont get my niccka in that trap told me the money been getting fuck up since last year cause the Mexican been fighting for territory and i was watching CNN the other day then the start talking bout the same thing he told me last year March damn the street had the news in advance . My niccka in Miami always tell shit and i dont believe now i am goin to take him more serious. Trap news before before mainstreet news ….

2009 is so full of change for me and people in my inner circle. Some of my peoples going to rap, I am working a clothing line with the Syck-ah-Moh crew , My cousin just start law school… J Street and T Street grinding in the studio. Two grinding waiting on the album, I might get on the mic for fun of it this year  just get some ish off my chest… Delano , Jevon, Shanece & Britt  graduating high school this year i am so happy for all of u guys . Delano u know i want u to move up here we came get back to the Batman and Robin flow again …. Most of my aces are in Florida and i hard to find people to trust these days …. But to end this on a good note i am going to have fun wit the family today and i see u late on tonite . Plus i love my vintage BBC and Ice Cream pieces …. I wish he start bring back the vintage piece too … Yak i am out




~ by skateboyj on 01/19/2009.

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