Well i am hear boried so i decide to watch this Max Payne . Cause i am so upset that my Lakers lost to the Magics it so crazy man. Just get me irrate. But i just let it go cause we still have a good record.

Well earlier today i saw the movie BIG which i can say was not worth my 10 dollars cause it is kinda boring and lame, just my opinion so i couldnt watch the entire movie so i decide to pull a old Sbj movie and theather hop and i went to see the Unborn that was better than  BIG  so i am saying to myself now when will we get to see the Tupac movie hahah.

Now i am sitting here deciding if to  go  out later on tonite  this  Dance for tha dancer John Wayne the theme is Cowboy, Cowgirl and Indian. So i got to find a out fit but so i have to go shopping.  Another weekend just home more fun plus i got some assignment due on tuesday so mi  have to get it dun cause .

Now i am jammin to these tracks  on


50 Cent – Play this on the radio, Get it in

Busta Rhymes-Conglomerate

Lil Wayne- Yes, Red Rum, Leanin

GUcci Mane- Photoshoop, bricks


Common- Punch Drunk Love


Beenie Man -pickney nah hold ya down



~ by skateboyj on 01/17/2009.

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