Tisk– Drama

Well i was suppose to chill wit some friends from Jamaica at a Bass Odyssey dance last nite and But tell me how people can’t drive and they cause a big accident on the 285 and i was stuck in traffic for 2hrs.Plus it was raining so it kinda not there fault. I was so heated cause my friends were getting it in i was in a car listen to Vybz kartel and Movado on repeat cause i forgot the ipod and i only had 2 cd in the car . So tha was not all i go to the club call Mingles and i finally met up with them and we was dancing and drinking  having a good time … I was like damn my night is getting better .. well i mean morning. So i started to talk to this beautiful young lady so start to have a nice convo suddenly this jerk came out nowhere like why u talking to my girl so i was like oh fu real …  i just walked away cause i aint the type for club drama.  Got back to kickin it with the fellas and ish them the same jerk hit my drink out my hand i was like ya skunt owe me a heinken but before i finish my niccka Kerwin hit him ras wit a bumboclat bottle . Now my friend from Jamaica in county for stupid jerk … But i realise black people just cant let things go.. So now i will not be out like that anymore cause we can just party and have fun without drama … It 09 bitch…. So now me a tek way mi self from this skunt and go to sleep it and just relax and bail my niccka out later in the day … oh we a nuh linga this year and just get straight to bloodclat  cash and make NickeLane a success.  send on

SkateBoy J


~ by skateboyj on 01/11/2009.

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