I find myself not sleep  till 5am in the morning it fun people say i am stress but to me i just got too much things on my mind and try to make everything i touch this year successful and make it a great year for me and everyone i know .. I am glad to be bless with a wonderful Mom, Dad and lil Bro (Brandon) thanks for all your support and faith in me. Plus thanks to my friends and Family, like Roaul, Delano , Britt Brat , Kamee, Shanese i love u all . Oh not forget Nicole and Wanda. I am lucky to have great people around me.

Well i am happy both of my favorite teams won tonite and u know me i am Lakers and Nuggets fan . I am just mad that Carmelo broke his wrist and he is out for 3-4 weeks . I just hope he recover fast and he come back and make it to the All Star cause he is a good candidate this year in the west. I am start to rep for my Orlando Magic in the east  cause of Dwight Howard aka Superman and lil Jameer Nelson … .they had a great win over my new hometown Atlanta Hawks…



~ by skateboyj on 01/07/2009.

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