Well i have been thing about to how to sum up 2008 . Here i go. Well 08 was fill of alot of fun and excitement . My friends from Germany was here and it was a ball with them can wait for more drunking singing. My cuz Delano and I did it all. Nike was  my dream job and i started that in 08. Campus coming soon. I move to Atlanta start a new life with Nike. But to be honest i miss Nike Orlando . But i be there soon for spring break to chill with you all plus u know the swoosh tournament we will win that.

I miss all my friends in Florida can wait to come visit. Well i began working on the members only shirts for Syck-ah-Moh and it look like i get that done in 09. Members only Jacket coming soon . Plus i am tell yall to look out for NickeLane in the summer of 2009.. And new members of Syck-ah-Moh Guyana good looks Kevin u know what best for that Crew and u my big Brother.


can wait for summertime Skate boy J


~ by skateboyj on 01/05/2009.

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