Yak .

Well i was having the worst week .But my weekend turn out great i end up going to work and just having a blast working will all the people do there christmas shopping. I was helping this one girl that was so funny she made me smile and laugh so much on. And i realise that they are alot of great people in the world and the can make me just have a great time and i was at work.

I enjoy just helping people and doing me and that me this week is going be great cause I am working on some projects for the next year.

But look out for NickeLane. It is in the progress getting all the ground work done so by next year spring look for it.  We Syck-ah-Moh Boys getting it in.

Syck-ah-Moh working on some projects in Guyana and Bristist Virgin Island so for all my international people you get a sample of the project ya know.

Cant wait to go to Nashville to chill wit my buddy RoRo aka Jasmine on Christmas.

Yak i am out

SkateBoy J


~ by skateboyj on 12/21/2008.

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