Beautiful Guyana song

There�s a land just off the Atlantic,
Land of jungles, waterfalls and sweet scenery,
Where poor people farm the lands and hunt the waters,
And all live in peace and harmony.
This is Guyana, beautiful Guyana.
This is Guyana, beautiful Guyana.

Diamond seekers go in the Interior,
Pulling their corials under the falls,
Singing sweet calypso as they heave on their way
To dig up the diamond and the gold.
With Kaieteur tumbling to the river,
How I love to see your foaming tide;
I listen to the chirps of the cheerful kiskadee
As they throw their yellow breasts to the sky.

O Guyana, land where I was born,
O sweet land shining in the sun,
I could hear the monkey chatter up in a tree
And the parrots singing this melody.
O Guyana, beautiful Guyana,
O Guyana, independent and free,
O Guyana, beautiful Guyana.

I remember when i was young living in Guyana and i used to be singing this song it is fun how time fly by. I will never forget memories like this. I love the Country of my birth Guyana



~ by skateboyj on 12/10/2008.

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