Nike Hyperdunks All American Mcdonalds

Nike Air Hyperdunk Mcdonalds are part of a 4 pack of Kobe Hyperdunks. This pair was made specifically for the All American Mcdonalds basketball game. The Nike Hyperdunk is receiving a lot of buzz throughout the Internet, television, and in magazines. It’s good to know that it’s well deserved. The Hyperdunk is the lightest and strongest basketball sneaker ever created. At only 13 ounces, it’s almost 20% lighter than the average Nike B-ball shoe. Plus, it features two new innovations: Flywire technology and Lunarlite foam.
Flywire redefines footwear construction by shaving off weight and adding strength. Lunarlite foam consists of a unique cell structure providing the sneaker with ultra responsive cushioning. Plus it feauture Kobe high school number on the shoe. To me these are better than the TNT Hyperdunk. You can go to the Nike Store Lenox to get your pair for $125.




~ by skateboyj on 12/03/2008.

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