LA Lakers

Lakers The team with the best record in the league thanks to its dedication to defense and depth of its bench was getting picked apart. My favorite Player in the World Mr. Kobe Bryant is having the best season ever and he has a great supporting class with Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Ariza, Farmer. Bynum is final play like one of the best Big man in the league wit Gasol help and we out scoring most teams on a average of 15pts a game . But we have a change to win the finals it we stay health all year. Matter of fact in my Mind Kobe is the best Shooting guard to play the game and he will get Mvp again this year and the fans are just too amazing in the staples Center.

Phil has the younger player on the Lakers playing the best game night in and out . The bench is pretty impressive . I love my Lakers so it on . and we see them to the end and Kobe getting tha ring .. Here is a few pics . We are 13-1 and it look like The have the concept of defense on the mind cause that what we need to have a great year





~ by skateboyj on 11/30/2008.

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