Skateboy J Myspace America Tour

Well i just started the America tour visiting my close myspace friend . This Monday me and SneakerMind when to Orlando to back where it all started and i was catching up with the old buddies and we(TYLER, KAyla , Mikeala) when to Nike and did some shopping you know we always stay in Nikes . That the company that pays me … Haha … my cousin Krystal cook for the kid and i eat all for porkchops … It was great caught up with my buddy Nichoda and Jainie and we chilled. Talk bout the old days and how is life .And when they coming with me to conitnue the tour in the Christmas.

But a new friend and she is the most spontaneous and down to earth person i know now . and her name is Mikeala. I am in Tampa now with Lisa – ex girl … We just friends but we went to dinner and she took me to the best Spanish resturant in di world her mom house . I love Spanish food i am so feel like a fat kid now  but u know i need to gain the weight but i am on the go . Then we goin to midnight basketball later on she is the best ex. But yea pics be here soon.

You know there always some dumb person around that had to mess my tour up. But i aint goin to let your stupid games get to me Nina .. You need to stop lieing to me cause you dont have any attachment to me so do u and have fun i am still the same i aint going to change for noone so do u . I taught you was older and smarter but you still act like a lil kid . Syck-a- you

Syck-ah-Moh we in there my bad Delano i didnt get a chance to see you … You still my lil cuz..


~ by skateboyj on 11/26/2008.

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